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The first main character in the story "Boys and Girls" by Alice Munro is the narrator.

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Carey Mulligan in Girls and Boys

I’d suggest you need to present both sides of the story
Here, the Jersey Boys true story contradicts the movie, at least according to the real Tommy DeVito. The movie depicts the mob forcing Tommy DeVito to go live in Las Vegas, in turn kicking him out of the band. According to Tommy, he left for other reasons. "I had had it up to here with the traveling and changing clothes three times a day, and taking two planes and then driving 100 miles to do a date," says DeVito. "Getting on stage and doing the same stuff -- I just had it." -Las Vegas Review-Journal

During an interview with The Star-Ledger, DeVito commented on the movie's depiction of his departure. "You're going to force me to have a great life in Las Vegas, in the sun, and if I was a gambler, why would you send me to Las Vegas?" DeVito did move to Las Vegas in 1970. Yet, he maintains that he did so under his own free will, while the movie instead reasons that the mob could keep a watchful eye over him there. The movie fails to point out that DeVito did have several siblings living in Vegas at the time.

An Analysis of the Main Theme in Alice Munro's Boys and Girls

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23/02/2018 · An introduction to Boys and Girls by Alice Munro
At night, as long as the lights are on, they are "safe."
-Description of the foxes pens as "a medieval town" (sight imagery): symbolizes the safety and security her father is able to provide, both for the foxes and for her.
-Description of the "hot dark kitchen in summer" (sight imagery)shows that the narrator feels caged in by inherently female tasks and contrasts directly with the freedom she feels when working outside, like a man.
-The fact that the narrator remains unnamed throughout the story could be symbolic of her search for an identity throughout the story.

In this story the main theme present is the coming of age and that “Boys and Girls” is a classic coming of age tale.

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