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In other assembliesdescribed in the Iliad, the generals and elderly Greeks, nevercommon soldiers, address the troops.

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How prominent was Ate in Homer's original descriptionof the quarrel between these two Greeks in Book 1?Contrary to Fagles's translation at p.491, line 88, Agamemnonremains seated while he addresses the troops following Achilles'sspeech.

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In the course ofthis book leading Greek heroes are wounded and must withdraw fromthe fighting, including Agamemnon, Diomedes, and Odysseus.
This charge, aimed at Agamemnon, musthave a stunning effect on Odysseus, who is renowned among theGreeks for being a very clever and calculating speaker.


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Thersites's criticisms do not sound so very different fromAchilles's and we may wonder why he is dealt with so harshly byOdysseus, apparently with no sympathy from the troops, or Homerfor that matter.

The episode runs the length of the Book, and emphasizesthe importance of Patroclus as well as prepares for the impact ofhis death on Achilles.In the events surrounding the recovery of the body of Patroclus,what are the signs of Hector's hybris and overconfidence.The immortal horses of Achilles refuse to leave the site ofPatroclus's fall.

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Perhaps the ambiguity of not knowing exactly who Homer is, and the fact that it was an oral story long before it was written in the form it is today, is the cause of oversight of the narrative qualities of Homer's Iliad by many critics....

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Homer's Iliad, among many other themes contained in the poem, “is an anthropocentric epic exposing the ancient Greek's views about man and his relationships”(Clarke 129)....

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I shall concentrate on Zeus, however, and reflect on his actions and their outcomes on the Trojan War, and more importantly, the story of The Iliad....

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Books 1 to 4 of the Iliad trace the events from the breaking out of thequarrel between Achilles and Agamemnon to the first combat on thebattlefield.

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What is fitting about the last simile--crows orstarlings fleeing from a pursuing hawk--and how does it preparefor the action that takes place in Book 18?Homer could not have simply brought Achilles into directconfrontation with Hector without some preparation in thenarrative.

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This biological phenomenon might seem superficially irrelevant to the fears and concerns of the masculine heroes who are most concerned with death, destiny and honor, the principle themes of the Iliad.