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  • τον βιβλιον Ἑβραῖου [the book of Hebrews]

This book presents Christ as the Author and Perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12:2).

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The Son in the Book of Hebrews - Let Us Reason

The book of Hebrews and the deity of Christ
That was totally unheard of, that was a whole new beginning. Now let’s come on over to the Book of Galatians chapter 1, and let’s just jump in at verse 11.

Why the Book of Hebrews is so important - Keith Simons

We have done what the original black Hebrews have done, forgotten our parentsand hated the mention of their name.
Defenders of Smith counter that any duplication of phrases between his Book of Mormon and contemporary sources are merely accidental anomalies generated through the permutation of a finite number of words. If this be the case then the chiasmus and Hebraisms, often pointed to by many of Smith's defenders, must suffer the same fate. However, in the world of Book of Mormon apology, a faith-promoting parallel is taken as evidence of its divinity while more suspicious evidence of borrowing and plagiarism is considered insignificant.


Who wrote the Book of Hebrews? Who was the author of Hebrews?

What does that mean? Just exactly what it says. The food you eat even here in 2001 AD, Who provided it? The Creator! All the things you enjoy, and the clothes on our back, who provided it? The Creator! The roof over your head, who provided it? The Creator! See, this is what God wants us to understand, that He is the provider of everything, and not just to the believing world, but the whole world. And Paul is even telling these pagan Athenians that God had provided everything they needed, and they didn’t know. Well I guess that’s far enough in the book of Acts, so coming back now to the book of Hebrews.

Believers in the Book of Mormon and the Book of Abraham have every reason to move cautiously when citing parallels in support of their belief because the use of parallels is a two-edged sword. Critics of the Book of Mormon, for example, have long cited parallels between that book of scripture and Ethan Smith's View of the Hebrews (published before the Book of Mormon) as evidence that Joseph Smith borrowed freely from Ethan Smith. Similarly, Thomas E. Donofrio has recently attempted to prove that Joseph Smith drew on such sources as David Ramsay's Life of George Washington and Mercy Otis Warren's History of the Rise, Progress, and Termination of the American Revolution in producing the Book of Mormon."

The book of Hebrews elevates Jesus above historical …

If such may have been the fact, that a part of the Ten Tribes came over to America, in the way we have supposed, leaving the cold regions of Assareth behind them in quest of a milder climate, it would be natural to look for tokens of the presence of Jews of some sort, along countries adjacent to the Atlantic. In order to this, we shall here make an extract from an able work: written exclusively on the subject of the Ten Tribes having come from Asia by the way of Bherings Strait, by the Rev. Ethan Smith, Pultney, Vt., who relates as follows: "Joseph Merrick, Esq., a highly respectable character in the church at Pittsfield, gave the following account: That in 1815, he was leveling some ground under and near an old wood shed, standing on a place of his, situated on (Indian Hill)… [Joseph then discusses the supposed phylacteries found among Amerindians, citing View of the Hebrews p. 220, 223.]

Six-session Group Bible Study introducing the Book of Hebrews.

There was a reference to View of the Hebrews within Joseph Smith's lifetime coming from the prophet himself. In an article published in the Times and Seasons on June 1, 1842, Joseph quoted View of the Hebrews in support of the Book of Mormon:

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Now as we continue our study in the book of Hebrews, you’ll remember I’ve been stressing that Hebrews is written by the Apostle Paul, but he didn’t put his name to it because he knew the Jews had a bad taste in their mouth with what he had done with their religious system. He had turned his back on their system and was now contrary to what they thought of in the keeping of the Law.

The Book of Hebrews - Lesson 1: The Background and …

Ethan Smith discusses the legends of the "bearded white god" Quetzalcoatl and proposes that this "lawgiver" or "Mexican messiah" was actually Moses. Ethan Smith also suggests that this belief held by the people of Mexico at the time of Montezuma allowed the Spanish to easily conquer the country because "the Mexicans mistook the white bearded invaders from the east for the descendents of their long cherished culture-hero Quetzalcoatl." Roberts note states "The legitimate query: did this character spoken of in the ''View of the Hebrews,'' published five years before the Book of Mormon, furnish the suggestion of the ''Christ'' on the ''Western Continent?