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Timeline of the American Revolutionary War - US History

Battles of Lexington and Concord - AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR

The major battles and events of the Revolutionary,from Paul Revere Ride to the Treaty of Paris
10: Battle of Point Pleasant, Virginia (disputed as to whether it was a battle of the American Revolution or the culmination of Lord Dunmore's War)

The Revolutionary War Cycle of U.S. History - Cycles in …

Remember, it could be a camp scene, part of a battle, or any part that represents the Revolutionary War.
: War of Spanish Succession begins (1701), 15 year old German composer, J. S. Bach, begins to give organ lessons (1701), Anne becomes Queen of England (1702), first daily newspaper, "The Daily Courant" is published in London and "Moscow Gazette" begins publication by order of Peter the Great (1702), Halley predicts the comet (1705), first Life Insurance Co. opens in London (1706), England and Scotland form Great Britain (1707), the Mogul empire in India begins to disintegrate (1707), Italian Harpsichord maker invents the piano (1709), Fahrenheit invents the thermometer (1709), Handel's opera "Agripa" produced (1710), half a million killed by Bubonic Plague in Austria and Germany (1711), Queen Anne's War (War of Spanish Sucession) ends (1713), Peter the Great introduces public education in Russia (1714), Voltaire imprisoned (1717), Treaty of the Hague (1720), Manchu Dynasty flourishes in China (1722), China bans Christianity (1723), King George II succeeds King George I (1727).


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: Pima indians rebel against Spanish in Southwest (1695),New York City offers relief to the poor (1695),Vestry Act makes Anglicanism official religion of North Carolina (1701),Queen Anne's War between French and British (1702-1713),Tuscarora Indians resist colonization and are driven from North and South Carolina (1711-12),Treaty of Utrecht ends Spanish War of Succession in Europe and Queen Anne's War in colonies (1713),War against Yamasee indians in Southern Colonies (1715-16),John Law's promotion of Louisiana colonization creates "Mississippi Bubble" (1720),Iroquois Nation concludes major treaty with Virginia (1722),The first church for "colored" Baptists founded in Williamsburg, Va (1725),French battle Natchez indians in Mississippi (1729),Benjamin Franklin founds the Library Company as first circulating Library in the world (1731),First Stage Coach line established in New Jersey (1732),King George II grants James Oglethorpe a royal charter for Georgia (1732),British Parliament passes Molasses Act (1733)

Revolutionary War Battles 1775-1783

: King Georges War / Austrian War of Succession (1744-48), Ben Franklin gains international fame for experiments in electricity and other science (1751), Pimas revolt against Spanish in southwest (1751), French and Indian War / Seven Years War (1754-63), George Washington defeats French in Pennsylvania to ignite F&I War (1754), George Washington defeated at Battle of Great Meadows, PA (1754), British Treaty of Easton with PA Indian tribes turns F&I War in their favor (1758), Chief Pontiac attacks Fort Detroit to start Pontiac's Rebellion (1763), Pontiac's Rebellion (1763-1766), King George issues Proclamation of 1763 restricting settlers to East of Appalachians (1763), John Singleton Copely paints portrait of John Hancock (1765), Patrick Henry attacks Stamp Act in Virginia (1765), Stamp Act Congress meets in New York to respond to Stamp Act (1765), (1766), Daniel Boone probes Cumberland Gap (1767), Spain replaces Jesuits wth Franciscans in New World (1767), British ships in Boston Harbor to enforce order (1768), Father Junipero Serra founds first California Spanish Mission in San Diego (1769), (1770), Benjamin Franklin begins work on his autobiography (1771), (1773)

American Revolutionary War - Wikipedia

: First Continental Congress meets (1774), the Battle of Lexinton and Concord starts American Revolution (1775), Thomas Paine publishes "Common Sense" (1776), (1776)