• What is the smoking ban?
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No. There is no federal prohibition, although several state and local governments previously had enacted such bans.

You have helped make the ban trans fats campaign a success.

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A: No, but Trump has continued a program that allows some veterans to seek outside care.
[…] I know it’s far easier for me to go without my e-cig than it was when I needed a tobacco smoke and I was in a meeting or on a long airplane flight. […]

Norma on the left and a tempted customer on the right

Italy and Norway then followed suit, introducing a total ban on smoking in bars and restaurants.
E cigs made a profit of one billion dollars last year in the USA alone. Something the Big three tobacco companies are already investing in, either by making their own, or swallowing up smaller manufacturers. Every maker of e cigarettes will tell you that they are safe for everyone because they all want a taste of that profit.


Meet the Bad Fat Brothers! (The counterattack)

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British Heart Foundation - 2012

Hillary Miles, Cloud Nine’s editor and contributing author has been an advocate of the vaping industry for over 11 years. After a long career writing and producing for national television networks, Hillary now focuses on helping smokers and former smokers better understand the many benefits of vaping, tobacco harm reduction, health and well being.

The next step is a vote by the full California Senate.

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Hi anyone brought their e cig in a country that e cig is banned? Perhaps DOHA? anyone slip through the security? Apparently doha is in total ban of e cig i just wanted to knos if theres anyone tried slipping their mod to doha.

At long last McDonald's is moving towards eliminating trans fats

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I transited through Dubai airport enroute to Sydney in March with my e cigarette. Ecigs are illegal in Dubai and are generally confiscated if found.
Before getting off the plane I detached the tank and put both parts into my coat pocket (I guessed if I detached the tank it may not look so much like an Ecig under the scanner). I then folded the coat and put into my hand luggage bag. I got through the scanner without any problems and I thought I was on my way but when we got to the departure gate there was a bag search. I’m not sure what they were looking for but everyones bag was being searched. When the officer searched my bag they lifted my coat out and placed it to the side before searching through the rest of the bag. They didn’t really look through the coat and I managed to get it through with it ok.