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Ancient Greece's philosophers and mathematicians have made contributions to western civilizations.


the main roman contributions to western civ?

The Ancient Greece culture has made many contributions to western civilizations.
They produced some of the world's greatest art, the first true science,and some of the greatest athletes the world has ever seen. Infact, of all the ancient peoples, it was the Greeks who contributed themost to subsequent civilization in virtually every field of humanendeavor. What's all the more amazing is that the Greek were ableto do all these things despite the fact that they were constantly atwar--or maybe because they were constantly at war.

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Ancient Greece contributed architecture and government to western civilizations.
declares that recognition of Columbus Day is well-deserved, claiming that Western civilization is superior to all other cultures and Columbus personifies this truth....


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The Mesopotamians and Egyptians are among the first civilizations to make a valuable contribution to Western Civilization....
The Greeks, with their golden age and the Romans, with their great Empire and Republic have instilled cultural benefits both in the ancient times as well as in today’s Western civilization....

Society has developed many components which became foundational to Western culture from the Mesopotamian civilizations to the emergence of the Romans.
Hardly anyone pays any attention to the contribution of the city-state ofAthens for its contributions to Western civilization in terms of urbanplanning, public administration, food policies, money and banking, and overalleconomic policies.

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Even more important, the Greekgeometer, Euclid. Euclid's Elements was the main geometrytextbook of the west for hundreds of years, and it remained the basisfor all good geometry texts right up through the 1970's. WhatEuclid did was to take five fundamental axioms. From theseaxioms, he devises a series of more an more complex proofs.
Now what's important here is *not* thepractical application of geometry. What's important is thesystematic, rigorous thinking process one must go through in coming upwith these proofs. The study of Euclid taught generation aftergeneration to think clearly and logically: and it is a pity that thecurrent geometry texts have drifted away from this.
7. Science

The Greeks also made importantcontributions to the sciences. Biology, Physics, Physiology,Zoology: all Greek names, because the Greeks were the first tosystematically explore these areas. Thales, the first Greekphilosopher, also is the father of physics, asking a fundamentalquestion: what are all things made of? The Greeks explored thequestion, coming up with promising answers. Ultimately, Greekslike Aristotle believed that the world was made up of four fundamentalelements.

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5. Poetry

In poetery too, the Greek had a lastinginfluence. When we analyze poetry today, we use Greek words(iamb, dactyl, trochee, etc.). Why? Because the Greeks werethe first to systematically analyze poetry. Here too Aristotle isa key figure. His "Poetics" is as influential in literarycriticism as his "Politics" is in political science.

Not only did the Greeks give us better tools for anayzing poetry, theygive us some of our finest poets. Among the greatest and mostinfluential of epic poems are the two great poems of Homer, the Iliadand the Odyssey. The Odyssey is still much read in high schooland college classes today, and the Homeric heroes are still portrayedin our movies. But Homer not only told exciting stories, he dealtwith universal human themes. The Iliad, for instance, exploresthe theme of anger, and the destruction effect of hanging on to ouranger. One sees the influence of Homer on many, many subequentwriters--from Virgil and his Aeneid in the Roman World to James Joyceand his Ulysses in the 20th century.

The Greeks also excelled at lyric poetry. One example:SAPPHO. Sappho's poems were meant to be sung, and she apparentlywas the first person to use what we call the mixolydian mode. Shemay also have invented the plectrum, the pick. Unfortunately,most of her works have disappeared, but some of the finest poets in theRoman world (e.g., Catullus) immitated her work, and as a result,Sappho's indirect influence has been tremendous: many, many of theWest's finest poets immitated the Roman poets who were immitatingSappho.
6. Mathematics
Math is another area in which theGreeks made important contributions. You are all familiar withthe Pythagorean theorum, and the Greek reverence for numbers thatstarts with Pythagoras is certainly an important contribution of theGreeks.

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Reasons why the Western Civilization have become such great nations has been much attributed to the great role model, ancient Greeks for their many contributions, such as architecture, fine arts, education, philosophy, and mostly for their form of democracy and ways of government.