• They did not start as a result of arranged marriages.
  • Frankly the arrange marriage system is often abused.
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The Government should not get involved in arranged marriages between adults.

Yet arranged marriages are not an abuse of anyone's rights.

Which of the royal marriages before 1920 was not arranged?

It should, however, do something about the arranged marriages that involve children.

The Hindu community in the UK regularly has arranged marriages from within the country and are proud to have our future generations as coming from Britain.

The custom of this country is not one of arranged marriages.

Milena Buyum (NAAR) says that this suggestion would send a message saying "this is not part of the British norm" - well it isn't a normal British tradition to have an arranged marriage is it?


The issue of arranged marriages is a deeply contentious one.

Many people, rightly or wrongly, will regard the continuation of a policy of arranging the majority of marriages with partners from the sub-continent as simply a way of increasing the immigrant numbers by the back door.

We will look at the practices and protocols of two different countries and cultures through two essays, one that has prearranged marriages India and one that encourages inbreeding by way of marrying first or second cousins....

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Islam, the religion which some Asians in the UK would like to identify themselves with, denounces arranged marriages and accords people the right to choose their own spouses.

Burdens and Benefits of Arranged Marriages

However arranged marriages whether the introduction is by parents, extended family or dating agencies (which are effectively being paid to arrange suitable matches) should be outside of government influence, as long as the two parties consent.

Omiai: The Culture of Arranged Marriage in Japan | Japan Info

Let us look at two articles one written by Steve Sailor , The Cousin Marriage Conundrum and the other written by Serena Nanda ,Arranging a Marriage in India.

Modern Lessons From Arranged Marriages

Therefore the government should only be able to interfere in any way with FORCED marriages, which ignore the will of either or both of the intended spouses - which is an entirely different kettle of fish to an ordinary arranged marriage.

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Arranged marriage is not necessarily a social evil, but one has to be cautiously optimistic in organising such a marriage, of course with the genuine consent of both the bride and the groom.