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Public: Dogs "Better Pets" Than Cats

Instructions: The following argument argues for owning pets
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What tax protesters fail to recognize is that there is adifference between a legal interest or relationship and the documentthat creates the interest or relationship. So, for an example, thereis a difference between a promissory note and a debt, because thepromissory note is a document and the debt is the legal relationshipcreated (or evidenced) by the promissory note. Similarly, a deed canbe used to transfer the ownership of property, but deeds (i.e.,documents) and ownership (a legal interest) are two different things.

The following argument argues for owning pets

so why do people want to ban the ownership of pets?
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An immediate problem with the argument that the PRA notice must beon the form itself is that the statute does not require that the“collection of information” contain the notice, but onlythat “the agency inform the person” without specificallyrequiring how or where the agency provide that information. (Bycontrast,


An Argument Against Breed-Specific Legislation ..

to restrict or eliminate ownership of ..
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For example, the first “operative section” listed inTreas. Reg. § 1.861-8(f) is a limit on the foreign taxcredit formerly allowed by I.R.C. section 904(a)(2). A credit againstU.S. taxes was allowed to U.S. citizens who paid taxes to foreigngovernments on foreign income, but the credit was limited to anamount equal to the federal income tax multiplied by a fraction, thenumerator of which is the taxable income from foreign sources and thedenominator of which is all taxable income. If you have foreignincome on which you paid foreign taxes and wanted to claim a creditagainst your U.S. tax, you need to calculate your foreign taxableincome in accordance with the rules of section 861.

Great News! Dog Ownership is Optional! - Mr. Money Mustache
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The claims that “(1) Compliance with the internal revenuelaws is voluntary or optional and not required by law, includingarguments that: a. Filing a Federal tax or information return orpaying tax is purely voluntary under the law,” or similararguments described as frivolous in Rev. Rul. 2007-20, , has been identified by the IRS as a “frivolousposition” that can result in a penalty of $5,000 when assertedin a tax return or included in certain collection-relatedsubmissions. .

one or multiple kids), and yet doesn’t really need to do.

“The second contention is that in theConstitutions of several of the 36 states named in the proclamationof the Secretary of State there are provisions which renderinoperative the alleged ratifications by their Legislatures. Theargument is that by reason of these specific provisions theLegislatures were without power to ratify. But the function of astate Legislature in ratifying a proposed amendment to the federalConstitution, like the function of Congress in proposing theamendment, is a federal function derived from the federalConstitution; and it transcends any limitations sought to be imposedby the people of a state.”

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This argument has lost in every court, and on questions of bothcivil and criminal penalties, and the reasons it has lost usuallyfall into one of three different categories: (1) the OMB controlnumber on Form 1040 is valid and Form 1040 complies with the PRA; (2)the instructions and regulations for Form 1040 do not require OMBcontrol numbers; and (3) even if Form 1040 did not comply with thePRA tax penalties could still be imposed because the PRA penaltyprotection provision does not apply to reporting requirement imposedby statute.

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Exactly why tax protesters continue to believe that Form 1040 doesnot comply with the PRA is often unclear. One argument seems to bethat the OMB control numbers on the current tax forms are invalidbecause they are the same numbers as was printed on the forms inprevious years. However, these are the numbers that have beenapproved by the OMB and there is nothing in the statute orregulations to require that a form that is revised or re-issued eachyear must have a new control number each year. Several courts havetherefore confirmed that the continuing use of the same controlnumber is valid if approved by the OMB.

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) should be banned - …

Like Lowell Becraft, many tax protesters therefore believe that,if the courts do not agree with them, it is only because they havenot yet used the right words to explain their positions. So, after aparticular argument loses for the twentieth or thirtieth time, one ofthe less dim bulbs in the tax protester community comes up with a new“formula” with different words, that they then proclaimto be the “real thing.”