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Even in the face of such catastrophic effects, local officials have yet to take any action to stop the disappearance of the Aral Sea.

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In the world history, the Aral Sea basin is among the most ancient centers of civilization
Prior to the third quarter of the 20th century, the Aral Sea was known as the . Like any body of water, its water levels naturally decrease due to evaporation and is then replenished by two sources: the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers, which supplies water into the sea from the north and south, and some occasional rainfall. By the 1960s, the Soviet government decided to towards plantations around the sea. They saw this as a means to fuel the agrarian industry and help promote people’s livelihoods. Soon, a massive was built. Canals spanning 20,000 miles, 45 dams, and over 80 water reservoirs directed water towards the cotton and wheat fields in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

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The main purpose of the expedition was to evaluate the success of a project to raise, stabilize, and improve the ecology of the Small Aral Sea.
The Executive Committee IFAS and “Asar-Bereke” Foundation together with the general partner – Kazakhstan-Russian Medical University organized the charity action on providing affordable high quality medical assistance using the mobile medical equipment in the remote villages of Aral and Kazaly regions of Kyzylorda oblast most affected by the Aral Sea drying out.


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Currently the preparatory work for the second phase of the Northern Aral Sea and Syrdarya Control project supported by the Government of Kazakhstan and the World Bank is underway. On the 16th of June 2010 the working panel of experts in the field of hydro unit construction, representatives of the oblast (country regional) administrative bodies and IFAS specialists took place in Kyzylorda.

On October 12th the European Parliament held High Level Public Hearing on the Aral Sea problems with the participation of representatives of the international political and economic organizations, experts and analysts.

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On May 26 Berlin hosted an international forum "The Aral Sea: from the lake to the desert - the life with an environmental catastrophe", organized by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in cooperation with German Union for Environmental Protection (NABU).

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The EC IFAS chairman Saghit Ibatullin made presentation of the Aral problems as a topic for the Seventh Ministerial Conference “Environment for Europe”. The presentation included information on the preparation process of the Action Program in the Aral Sea basin for the period 2011-2015 (ASBP-3).

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The Aral Sea was once one of the largest terminal lakes located in Central Asia. Its most recent desiccation began in the 1960s due to the expansion of irrigation the caused the draining of its two tributary rivers. The lake level has fallen 23m, area has decreased 74%, volume reduced 90%, and salinity increased from 10 to more than 100g/l, all of which have caused adverse ecological changes including the decimation of aquatic species, initiation of dust/salt storms, degradation of deltaic biomes, climate change around its former shoreline, and severe health and economic impacts for local populations. It is vital to repair and preserve what remains of the deltas and two tributary rivers, Syr Darya and Amu Darya, not only for their ecological and economic value but also for the health and well being of the populations in its vicinity. Restoration to portions of lake has seen dramatic improvements and may provide a framework for minimizing trans boundary pollution issues.

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