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An Analysis of the American Passivity in the Rwandan Genocide in 1994

(American Passivity: Rwanda Genocide).

of our recent inaction during the genocide in Rwanda and the long passivity in the face ..
David Sheffer: American lawyer and diplomat who, as US Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes, helped create the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda
Alice Musabende : A survivor of the Rwandan genocide, now an expert on the dynamics of peacebuilding in the context of post-conflict countries
Mukesh Kapila : As the whistleblower on the Darfur atrocities, he is an expert on genocide prevention and international diplomacy
Maung Zarni : A Burmese human rights activist and academic, he has been denounced as an "enemy of the State" for his opposition to the Myanmar genocide
Ellen Kennedy : Director at the Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and founder and Executive Director of World Without Genocide

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Genocide: Why We Let It Happen
Genocide leaves the darkest stain on the conscience of humanity, yet today we are again witnessing international passivity in the face of the genocide in Myanmar. Why have we failed to learn our lesson from these atrocities and why do we allow this stain on our conscience to continue to grow? With Holocaust Memorial Day on Saturday 27 January, we seek to reflect on how to apply the promise of 'never again'


The case of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda is but one ..

Despite such ongoing issues, the establishment of the ICC at the dawn of the 21st century reflected a growing international consensus behind efforts to prevent and punish the horrors of genocide.

The Yugoslav and Rwandan tribunals helped clarify exactly what types of actions could be classified as genocidal, as well as how criminal responsibility for these actions should be established. In 1998, the ICTR set the important precedent that systematic rape is in fact a crime of genocide; it also handed down the first conviction for genocide after a trial, that of the mayor of the Rwandan town of Taba.

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A hi-tech fingerprint scanner unlocks the entrance to Jean Gatabazi's offices at the hospital in the Rwandan town of Nyamata. Gatabazi says the past five years have brought a tarmac road, street lighting and thriving businesses to the site of one of the worst massacres of the 1994 genocide. And he knows whom he credits for the transformation. "Paul Kagame is an excellent man," he says proudly. "Hero is the right word."

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Everything in Rwanda must be seen through the prism of the genocide, a hundred apocalyptic days that wiped out 800,000 men, women, children and babies and left no family unscarred. As a guerrilla commander who marched from the bush to the capital, Kigali, it was Kagame who ended the nightmare and, his champions say, tilted the scales more towards reconciliation than revenge. "I'm not sure would exist if not for him right now," one expat businessman said.

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Objections to intervention in Kosovo, like those to intervention in Kuwait, descend from political traditions that argued against intervention in World War II, depicting it as either a war “for the Jews” or an “imperialist” war. For the majority of Americans, these remain discredited traditions, and they were most thoroughly discredited by the newsreel footage from Hitler’s extermination camps. The Anglo-American consensus seems to be that whatever we may or may not have known then, we know enough now; and whatever may have been possible then is manifestly possible now—and thus is obligatory. Nowadays all modern states ship food to the famine-stricken, because they know that they can. The Anglo-American population knows that it can stop some genocides—and thus feels compelled to do so. The encouraging news out of Kosovo is that the European response to atrocity seems to be taking that Anglo-American tone; military force is no longer seen only as the sword of the wicked but also as the instrument of justice.

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The word “genocide” owes its existence to Raphael Lemkin, a Polish-Jewish lawyer who fled the Nazi occupation of Poland and arrived in the United States in 1941. As a boy, Lemkin had been horrified when he learned of the Turkish massacre of hundreds of thousands of Armenians during .