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17/09/2015 · Super-intelligent aliens could be trying to contact Earth, but humans may not be able to pick up the signals yet, says Seti’s top scientist

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Alien Landing: Do NOT get on the Spaceships
Tolkien, "On Fairy Stories", in "Tree and Leaf", [London: 1964, New York: 1965] they came from outer spaceThe actual title "Aliens on Earth" was first used by John Tayne, as a nonfiction article, in "Authentic Science Fiction" #55, March 1955 -- but this subgenre has long been a popular one.

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Note that in the movie, while 20-30 million people died, billions lived
For the SF field, Dhalgren is as revolutionary as Heinlein's novel [Stranger in a Strange Land, 1961] -- with the advent of Delany's masterpiece (the New York Times, in its review of Dhalgren, called Delany the most interesting SF writer in the English language today), the twelve-year-old can escape from the sexual frustration of adolescence into a world of impossible sexual hospitality and freedom -- and of course it is science fiction and not real, so you don't have to worry about the real world and Mommy looking over your shoulder.


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Verne had a mad scientist orbit the earth atmospherically in "Robur the Conqueror" and "Master of the World"; create a UTOPIA -- "The Mysterious Island"; explore conflicts between supercities -- "The Begum's Fortune";and make cities fly -- "Propellor Island."1890 William Morris: "News from Nowhere" (backwards-looking utopia)1890 German author Theodor Hertzka's "Freeland: A Social Anticipation" set a super-capitalist utopia in AfricaSome 88 notable UTOPIAS in fiction, in chronological order:

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