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Volvo deployed a pedestrian airbag on its V40 model. The technology takes a different approach than GM, seeking to cushion the windshield area.

18/11/2014 · After recalling about 7.6 million U.S

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Dave Sullivan, product analysis manager at AutoPacific Inc. said, "GM is looking at the big picture. The company has made a big deal about some of their small cars having 10 airbags to prove they're safer, and break the stereotype of small cars not being safe. GM continues to implement airbag technology in ways we haven't seen from other automakers."

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Nov 20, 2014 · The auto supplier began using ammonium nitrate in airbags in 2001, but the compound is highly sensitive to temperature changes and can combust violently.
Subaru Corp has vowed to improve oversight of its final inspections after revealing uncertified staff carried out tests of new cars for the domestic market for decades, the latest in a slew of scandals to rock Japan's manufacturing industry.


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General Motors has received a patent for an airbag on the outside of vehicles designed to "provide protection to a pedestrian," the latest iteration in an industry effort to address a growing problem that accounts for roughly one in seven U.S. traffic deaths.

“The pedestrian protection airbag could become an important engineering solution in the future,” said Tom Wilkerson, safety communications spokesman for GM.

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It is not the initial impact from a vehicle that is most likely to kill pedestrians, but secondary impact when pedestrians pass over the hood and hit their heads on the heavy frame piece holding the windshield, said Maeva Ribas, manager of design analysis at The Carlab, an automotive product planning consultant.

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GM filed extensive paperwork with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that included dozens of pages of description, optional applications and 90 technical sketches. The focus is an airbag mounted in a “fender region” adjacent the vehicle's hood and before the side door "to provide protection to a pedestrian from impacting the frontal area of a vehicle structure.”

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GM did not include how potential collisions would be detected to trigger airbag deployment. Use of cameras and sensors in the industry is established and growing. GM Global Technology Operations LLC applied in April 2014 for the patent on a "fender located pedestrian protection airbag."

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Standards related to pedestrian safety continue to change for automakers globally, with Europe among the most protective. China, the world's largest auto market where 63,000 pedestrians were killed by vehicles in 2016, also plans to to make pedestrian protection part of its new car safety rating system in 2018, .

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The patent granted on Dec. 5 was among at least 80 patents awarded to GM in December 2017, many of which had been pending for years. The subjects of interest ranged from sensors and torque to bumper design.