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The teen adolescent stage can be challenging for kids and parents. Communicate with your unique teen better by learning more about adolescent development stages.

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Like all stages of human development, adolescence is an important stage
Texts focusing on social psychology first emerged at the start of the 20th century. The first notable book in English was published by McDougall in 1908 (An Introduction to Social Psychology), which included chapters on emotion and sentiment, morality, character and religion, quite different to those incorporated in the field today.

What types of brain changes occur during Adolescent Stages?

Teenagers will naturally vary slightly from the descriptions above, but the feelingsand behaviors listed for each area are, in general, considered normal for each of thethree stages. The mental and emotional problems that can interfere with these normaldevelopmental stages are treatable.


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Aristotle believed that humans were naturally sociable, a necessity which allows us to live together (an individual centered approach), whilst Plato felt that the state controlled the individual and encouraged social responsibility through social context (a socio-centered approach).

Adolescence (12 - 18 years old) is a particularly hard time for children. They are experiencing all kinds of new changes in their bodies and in their feelings. As well, they often feel misunderstood as they are struggling to leave behind their childhood and become adults. Adolescence has commonly been characterized by issues such as rebellious behaviour, lying, cheating, school performance problems, negative attitudes, disobedience and disrespect, sibling rivalry, drug and alcohol abuse, pressures from peers, depression, and issues of sexuality. For more information on these topics, see the section.