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Genesis revisited - hearing from Adam and Eve. Astounding as it may seem, here we hear from the first man and first woman.

Serpent Seed Revisited: Did Satan have Sex with Eve and Cain was born

and what happened between Adam, Eve…

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Agondonters, Agondonter
Agondonters, Agondonter - The term and its plural refer to mortal will creatures that are able to believe in God with their faith, without seeing, without proof. They have a special trust-worthiness because of their unquestioned faith and supreme confidence in cosmic reliability. Because Urantia lacked a Planetary Prince with his visible staff, and Adam and Eve were not to remain on our planet due to their default, mortals who believe in God are given this recognition. The age of agondonters will end when we once again have a visible Son of Paradise origin with us. [Rayson, Northern Colorado TeaM, Loveland, CO, , Nov. 2, 2003]

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Adam and Eve Revisited: A Free Will Story (Free Will Stories Book 1) eBook: I
When a world is in need of a biological uplifting, when natural evolution has become stagnant, a Material Son and Daughter are sent to the planet for this purpose. Urantia’s Material Son and Daughter were called Adam and Eve, and a garden home was made for them prior to their arrival, called in honor of Edentia. The first was a peninsula of land at the eastern end of theand was a place of great beauty, with an abundance of vegetation, fresh water, and a place for animals on the adjoining mainland. Here Adam and Eve taught the more advanced peoples of the region better ways of providing for their material and spiritual needs. The first sank as a result of normal geological disturbances. A second Garden of Eden was later built in the area of theandrivers, near the previous city of . It too, sank below the waves of the Persian Gulf. [UB, Paper 73] [p. 821]


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The story of Adam and Eve shows some of the answers offered by the Hebrew, ..
Solonia – Known in the Bible as "The voice in the garden", she was a seraphim attached to Adam and Eve during their sojourn on Urantia. Solonia is still active on this planet, serving as a personal teacher to Daniel of the Church Within, and co-creator of many gardens at the Church property in . She is a wonderful teacher and companion to many Urantians. Solonia also wrote the papers in The Urantia Book, detailing the history of the Adamic Epochal Revelation and its failure. [UB, Papers 73-76] [pp. 821-854]

Urantia Book, The
Urantia Book, The - The Fifth Epochal Revelation is the plan of our Sovereign Creator Son, Michael, with the blessings of the Eternal Father, as remediation for the dual faults of our planetary administration, the rebellion of our Planetary Prince along with the evils unleashed by Lucifer, and the later default of our Material Son/Daughter, Adam and Eve. For 200,000 years, Urantia has been in conceptual poverty, languishing in spiritual darkness, and this text is given us to help repair that tremendous gap in our knowledge, and to help our world be uplifted to its rightful place in Michael’s universe. Michael did much to help our understanding when he came here as Jesus, but the peoples of Urantia have become even more divided in their religious beliefs and intolerant of each other as equal children of the same benevolent God. This text, very complete and accurate about our place in the universe and our standing before the Creator of all, was given to the mortals of Urantia with love, to be shared with all peoples of our world. Its purpose is to bring unity out of division, joy out of pain, and love out of hatred.[Published by the URANTIA Foundation, 533 Diversey Parkway, , 60614, 1955. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 55-10554][Also published by Uversa Press, a subsidiary of The Urantia Book Fellowship, 99 Park Ave. #434A, New York, NY 10016 U.S.A., Indexed Version, 2003, ISBN 0-9651972-2-0 (hardcover), 0-9651972-3-9 (softcover)]

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Soon after their "eating of the fruit", Adam and Eve were banned from the tree of life (that prevents aging leading to death). Now look what happened next.

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Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve - Material Sons/Daughters of God are created in the local universe and reside on Jerusem, the system capitol. They serve as parents to the infants and children of time, who perished before they were of age to choose eternal survival. They also are sent as a pair to evolutionary worlds to ameliorate the faults and shortcomings of evolution. Our Adam and Eve pair materialized on Urantia nearly 38,000 years ago for the purpose of biologically uplifting the mortals of the realm. They were 8 feet tall and were of a violet hue. Their bodies gave off a spiritual luminescence, and at night when they wore their cloaks, the glow from their heads gave rise to the concept of the halo. They had a very difficult mission, because of the planetary quarantine that isolated them from contact with the rest of the universe. They came to a backward planet without a Planetary Prince and with little preparation of the mortal inhabitants for their arrival. Eve bore 105 pure-line descendants before they defaulted on their mandate, and, with Adam, was reduced in rank to that of humans of the realm. Adam lived 530 years and died of old age; Eve died nineteen years before Adam from a weakened heart. [UB, Papers 73-76] [pp. 821-854]

The biblical story of Adam and Eve (Genesis, Chapt

After Eve became impregnated by Satan, she gave Adam the "fruit and he ate it. Adam became sexually "turned on", had sexual intercourse with Eve and she became pregnant with Abel. Now Eve had twins growing within herwomb, the first fathered by Satan (Cain) and the second fathered by Adam (Abel) 1-4 days later.