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  • [Repealed by section 26 of the, 1923 (Act No.
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At trial a jet ski was held to be a “ship” and was subject to Section 58 of the Merchant Shipping Act 1995.

[Omitted by section 3 and 2nd Schedule of the, 1973 (Act No.

[Repealed by section 101 and Schedule II of the, 1912 (Act No.

In 2017, Ursula appeared as a special walkaround character in Disneyland's .
In the first two issues of the official "" comic, Ursula appears briefly to negotiate with a race of eel-men for the carcass of a Leviathan which she would convert into the home seen in the 1989 film. She also briefly appears in a segment of the fourth issue, where she tries to create a new hairstyle to entertain her due to banishment from Atlantica making her lonely on her birthday, but it backfired on her. She doesn't appear in the Marvel Comics serial for The Little Mermaid, although a character similar to her appears known as Pirhaia in the penultimate issue. Ursula frequently appears in Ariel's comics in the magazines, often in a villainous role. In the Disney Press book , it is implied that Ursula is Ariel's aunt, a concept that is based on the abandoned story concept of the 1989 film.

(4) [Omitted by section 3 and 2nd Schedule of the, 1973 (Act No.

[However] If the words of an Act admit two interpretations, and if one interpretation leads to an absurdity, and the other does not, the Court will conclude the legislature did not intend the absurdity and adopt the other interpretation"


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She relied, , on the Law Commission's report (Law Com No 270) which recommended a uniform regime for personal injuries, whether the claim was made in negligence or trespass to the person.

Courts had a discretion under s 33 of the Act to extend the time in the claimants' favour.
Time ran from when the claimant knew of the injury, which was both a subjective and objective test not whether the claimant considered it serious enough to justify proceedings but whether she would 'reasonably' have done so.

A stage musical version of the 1989 film debuted in Denver for a pre-Broadway tryout, and in January 2008 opened on Broadway. Actress originated the live role. The role was later played by Heidi Blickenstaff and Faith Prince. The show closed on Broadway Aug.30, 2009.

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Unlike the 1989 film, Ursula is depicted as being large but not obese, and the entire subplot where Ursula transforms into a human has been removed entirely. In the show's finale, Ursula is defeated by Ariel, not Eric, when the mermaid destroys Ursula's magical shell since the climax in which Ursula becomes a gargantuan monster and then impaled by the bow of a ship is too expensive and impractical for a staged show.

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So she was not entitled to compensation.

Comment: Viscount Simonds Tool Metal Manufacturing Co, Ltd v Tungsten Electric Co, Ltd [1955] HL

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Otherwise anomalies would arise such as S v W (child abuse: damages) [1995], in which it was held that a claimant suing out of time was able to pursue a claim against her mother for failing to protect her against sexual abuse by her father, but not a claim against the father himself.

The lower courts considered themselves bound by [1993] HL in which it was held that the flexibility provided for elsewhere in the Act did not apply to a case of deliberate assault, including acts of indecent assault.

The claimant contended that had been wrongly decided and that the House should depart from it.

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Ursula plays the part she did in the original film, first appearing in the ride's Poor Unfortunate Souls scene, represented by an 8-foot tall, 12-foot wide animatronic, to turn Ariel into a human. Her defeat is one of the last scenes of the attraction.

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Vermaseren, , 37. For an exhaustive description of the extant artifacts representing Cybele and Attis, see Maarten Vermaseren, (Leiden: EJ Brill, 1966-1986).