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In the Iliad, Homer beautifully depicts the multifaceted character of Achilles as an epic hero.

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The Iliad had a character named Achilles who is similar to Beowulf because he also desired glory.
Nope, your character is incomplete on the . He is harboring some deeply held misconception about either himself, the world, or, probably, both. As we’ll see in next week’s post, this misconception is going to prove a direct obstacle to his ability to fulfill his . In some instances, it may start out seeming to be a strength, but as the story progresses, it will become your character’s Achilles heel.

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When comparing the characteristics of an epic hero such as being a national hero and having supernatural abilities, Hector clearly surpasses Achilles....


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Her character’s image is painted as vain and unconcerned with consequential matters, unlike that of Achilles’ character from Homer’s Iliad; however he was full of wrath and pride resembling that of Belinda’s traits.

While Achilles' character is almost utterly consistent in his rage, pride, and near divinity, Odysseus' character is difficult to pin down to a single moral; though perhaps more human than Achilles, he remains more difficult to understand.

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Characters may be classified as round (three-dimensional,fully developed) or as flat (having only a few traits or only enoughtraits to fulfill their function in the work); as developing (dynamic)characters or as static characters.

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Ironically, though there is very little physical description of Achilleus in The Iliad, he is perhaps the most thoroughly developed character in the epic.

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So, she resists marriage, her sister becoming independent, etc.
Question: won’t this lead to a static feel? Will my character be more interesting if she has a dynamic lie?

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So, for example, your character’s journey over the course of your story might lead him to an action in the Climactic Moment that still allows him to save his love ones–but in a way that reflects masculine wholeness through the addition of compassion or restraint, rather than just the power side of the dynamic.