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Although some of them preach abstinence, abortion is still very rampant even among teenagers in primary and secondary schools.

The high rate of late-term abortions among teens is a symptom ..

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They reasoned that the Roe decision increased the number of abortions among poor teenagers, ..
According to the survey, teenage pregnancy, teenagers having sex, abortion, and sexually transmitted diseases, have declined over the pass ten years....

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Some say that it will reduce the number of abortions, while others say it will increase sexual activity among teenagers.
Abortion rates are lower for younger than for older teens. In 2011, the rate for teens under 15 was 2.2 per 1,000, compared with 7.5 per 1,000 for teens 15 to 17, and 22.2 per 1,000 among teens 18 to 19. () Although the abortion rate is higher among older teens, the proportion of pregnancies that end in abortion is twice as high among those younger than 15 as it is among their older peers.


the sharp increase in 2002 in abortions among teenagers, ..

Nepal: record in abortions among teenagers
About a quarter of all teenage pregnancies in the U.S. end in abortion. Three in four teenage pregnancies (75 percent) are unintended, and two out of every five unintended teen pregnancies (42 percent) ended in abortion in 2011. Teens may choose to have an abortion because they have concerns about how having a baby would derail important personal goals (for example, completing their education); they worry about the financial responsibilities associated with parenthood; or they feel that they are not mature enough to become a parent. Teen abortion rates are sensitive to a number of factors, including whether pregnancies are intended, personal choice, and policies that expand or restrict access to abortion.

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Rates for white, black, and Hispanic females have all fallen substantially since the early 1990s, although declines started a bit later for Hispanic females, in 1993. As of 2011, abortion rates have decreased by 74 percent among white teens, by 70 percent among Hispanic teens, and by 59 percent among black teens, since their respective peaks. ()

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Teenage abortion has been linked to a number of physical and psychological problems, including drug and alcohol abuse, suicide attempts and suicidal ideation, and other self-destructive behaviors.

Compared to women who abort at an older age, women who abort as teens are significantly more likely to report more severe emotional injuries related to their abortions.

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Abortion rates are much higher for black teens than for white and Hispanic teens. In 2011, there were 32.6 abortions per 1,000 black females ages 15-19, compared with 8.5 per 1,000 white adolescent females, and 12.7 per 1,000 Hispanic adolescent females. However, abortion rates among black adolescents have fallen more than have rates for the other groups, so the gap has narrowed over time. ()

Medical abortions are those induced by abortifacient pharmaceuticals

Healthy People 2020 includes several national goals related to teen abortion, including reductions in pregnancy, increases in rates of abstinence, and, among sexually active teens, increases in condom and hormonal birth control use.

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Abortion rates are calculated by dividing the number of reported abortions by the female population (in thousands). For example, among adolescent females ages 15 to 19, the rate is calculated by dividing the number of abortions to females ages 15 to 19 by the number of females ages 15 to 19 in the population (in thousands). For adolescent females under age 15, the rate is calculated by dividing the number of abortions by the total population of females aged 14. Data on abortions are collected from surveys administered to abortion providers.