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I have had several family member die. My dad died 25 yrs ago in a car accident when I was a child. My mom got very ill with MS and died last year. In one month my 15 yr old cousin died, my uncle, and then my mom. After this I began experiencing many strange occurances. I have had these things happen in every home I ever lived in but now it was impossible to ignore. Light bulbs blow out…one after the other within minutes, one tv will go on (not the same tv each time) in the middle of the night and the cable box goes wild. I took pictures for the first time…all the other tvs/cable boxes normal.

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Despite the outward signs of prosperity though, there were strange deaths and bizarre occurrences at Dudleytown from the start. Some historians have attempted to downplay the unusual events in recent years. They will debunk the legends of the town by first stating how few people there ever were who lived here and then will try and downplay the disappearances, cases of insanity and weird deaths, as if such things happen all of the time. And perhaps they do – but why so many unusual happenings in such an isolated area with so few people living in it? The number of deaths that have occurred here would not be such a high number in a larger town but in this small community, one can’t help but wonder what exactly was taking place. There are also, I believe, an inordinate number of people who went insane in this area, as well as people who simply vanished that are in addition to those who are documented here. It’s no wonder – bogus or not – that a story started about a Dudleytown "curse".


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I feel silly writing this, however a very strange thing took place last night and there seems to be no explanation for it, so any thoughts or opinions would help. Last night my Husband, children, and myself were watching a movie. we were midway through, no lights or anything was on, except for the t.v. and sound system. All of a sudden, around 11pm, there was a loud pop and a blinding white light that lit up the house. Fifteen seconds later, it happened again.

For the past few years, not regularly, but over a long period of time, my smoke alarm in my townhouse will go off in the middle of the night @ 2:00 a.m. This never ever happens in the day time. The alarm is electrical, not battery operated. I am in deep sleep and wake up with my heart pounding out of my chest from the noise. I turn off all electrical activity from the electrical box in the garage to stop the noise. In the morning, I turn it all back on and all is well. One time, I had a premonition that the alarm would be going off that night, and it did. I can't help but think it is my father trying to communicate with me. We were very close and I miss him to this day. What are your thoughts?

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I am now a teenager and i live in an old Victorian (but not from victorian times) like house, but its small and cosy and my mum and i are catholic so she prays in five in the morining. And she said there was a bright light in my room!(i was sleeping on the couch coz of late night movie) All the lights in the house were off and my tv and laptop was off but there was unexplained light. So when I woke up my mum told me what happened and we wento my room and every thing was off!!!! but i also get a strange presence feeling when i walk into my room, Why was it in my room not the livingroom!!!well my room is also originally a kids room and my stuf toy that is a big basset hound dog is in my room and i had him when i was 1, was he the cause or some gost like thing/paranormal activity?

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Okay….well.. it all started like this…When i was 2 or 3 we were in new zealand for a holiday and my mum told me that in the night there was something strange…. then suddenley the radio/alarm clock went on playing this 30's style or 20's style music but it was very eerie and my dad thought he would turn it off. Then so he turned it off but then it turned on again and he thought it was batterey operated but ther was a plug so he pulled the plug…. but then it turned on again so it was battery operated so he pulled the batteries out nut it still kept on play…. Why did that happen?

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