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For that reason, Dillard does an excellent job with A Field of Silence.

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Along with the rules came a sketching of a diamond-shaped field on which the game was to be played.
Most people, including myself, remember sayings a whole lot easier if there is a story behind it that we can fall back on or relate to, and that is exactly what Dillard did in A Field of Silence.

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The theme also shows how they express their feelings of love, hatred or authority through silence....
But what might be the same incident is cast in different settings with different emphases in "A Field of Silence" and Holy the Firm, and given Dillard's self-announced predilection for writing narratives, it seems, in a strict interpretive sense, more accurate to refer to the "speaker" of the essay rather than to the author herself.
*** See Sandra Johnson's book for an interesting and useful elucidation of how Dillard uses modern rhetoric to create literary experiences of the mystical.


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As a result of this association between talk and success, silence has come to acquire a negative connotation.
Widespread hard and harmful drinking is also a serious social and public health problem among Irish Americans today, not to mention the family trouble, shame and enabling silence that often accompany it.

Figure 23: Catalogue Card for Ricketts’s Silence (courtesy of the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, UCLA; photograph by the author)
Mr. Charles Ricketts, who is perhaps the most varied and accomplished technician in England, has also of late turned his attention to sculpture, and his bronzes have appeared from time to time in small exhibitions. Nothing that we have seen so far comes up to the level of the small figure of Silence. The form has great beauty and unity of silhouette, and the drapery is disposed with Mr. Ricketts intense and instinctive feeling for rhythm. (“The New Gallery” 56: italics original)

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Through this period of intense concentration, Ricketts worked so hard on Silence that he often felt “dizzy from overwork” (124); this intensity produced a sculpture infused with the “texture” of Wilde and the history of the two artists’ personal and working relationship.

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Figures 16-18: Charles Ricketts, Silence (full figure and details), 1905 (courtesy of the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, UCLA; photographs by the author)

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[T. Sturge] Moore brought to-day the news, some days old, of Oscar’s death. I feel too upset to write about it, and the end of that Comedy that was really Tragedy. There are days when one vomits one’s nationality, when one regrets that one is an Englishman. I know I have not really felt the fact of his death, I am merely wretched, tearful, stupid, vaguely conscious that something has happened that stirs up old resentment and that one is not sufficiently reconciled to life and death. Moore had hardly finished giving us the news when a loud ringing was heard and Michael Field arrived, sobbing loudly in the hall. (Ricketts 49)

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Ricketts and Shannon shared with Wilde (and other artists of the late-Victorian period) an appreciation for the fluid modernity and sensual grace of Tanagra statuettes. These small Greek terracotta figurines from the fourth century, often covered in slip and vibrantly painted, depicted everyday women in draped, fluid clothing. These artists clearly delighted in their ability to reveal the contours of the human body through suggestive depictions of drapery’s movement. Silence, in both its diminutive size and its sensitivity to sensuous physical movement beneath flowing drapery, pays homage to this common aesthetic interest. The majority of Ricketts’s sculptures from this period are nudes; Silence is one of his only clothed bronzes. It was this Tanagra-like emphasis on drapery that was singled out for admiration by the Athenaeum in its review of a January 1906 exhibition at the New Gallery of work by the International Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers:

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Figure 13: Charles Ricketts, Silence (detail), 1905 (courtesy of the William
Andrews Clark Memorial Library, UCLA; photograph by the author)