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So today we are going to be looking at why this happens, what it means and why you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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I’d had a cold for a couple of days but now I’d started to feel really under the weather.
Would going by bus just make anxiety stop temporarily and make it come back whenever I went to drive again, or would it stop my anxiety so that when I got back in the car in 2 weeks time. I feel like the answer is the former – however I’m not sure of this.

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Why rid today of it’s joy to worry about something which is so unlikely to ever happen?
Once you have a panic attack, it usually takes some time to recover; sometimes days.
Especially if you have repeat attacks in a short time after.


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It may be completely irrational to spend hours each day worrying about your sanity, but it is logically possible to go mad, some people do.
Fast forward to today August 2016 my thoughts have really got me very anxious that I have started avoiding places for fear of getting a panic attack. I can’t sleep at night I keep waking up at night but not hallucinating or delusional. Just so out of it everyday I found out my b12 levels are a little low, vitamin D is low, cholesterol is super low, testosterone is very low so my doctor wants me to see an endroconologist. Although I fear that I will never be the same again I keep having nightmares and very vivid dreams that I hate every day. I keep thinking that everyday is my last that im either going to die or end up going insane.

I was starting to think this way the last few days thank you for pulling me out with your refreshing words you’ve helped me heaps!
One day, on my birthday, I decided there was 1 drug left I’d like to try out: Paddo’s/Truffles. It was natural and I didn’t really thought there was any risk taking it. I bought 3 packs of truffles, went home, smoked some pot, drinked a bit and took the truffles. I was safe at home with my fiancee and felt secure. Well it felt as a bummer… didn’t feel anything and was quite disappointed.

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Sounds like an anxiety/panic attack to me. You’ll often then have low level anxiety for a while after, mainly due to being worried about it happening again. This is likely what made you feel bad for a week or so after. They can come out of nowhere and don’t always come from a specific trigger, just always remember no matter how bad they feel, they cannot hurt you. You mustn’t fear them as this is what can make them happen more frequently.

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What I would like to know is what part does boredom play in Generalized Anxiety or any anxiety? I wonder if that really hasn’t been the backbone or fuel that has fired my intense anxiety. Almost like my mind is so bored that it has caused stress over time and anxiety has resulted as a result of my mind wanting something to stay busy with. There is alot of downtime with my job sometimes. And as far as a personal life, its not exactly exciting. I’ve dealt with GAD for 4 months now and its been utter hell. Sometimes I could bang my head against the wall in frustration wanting to snap out of this darkness. The feelings of panic all day and when its bad, just a really dark feeling. I just haven’t really heard anyone talk about boredom and what role it plays.

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The next day I decided to try it again… so when I woke up I didn’t eat or drink anything and took the truffles. What happened then, felt at the moment like one of the best experiences in life. My mind opened, I got a superbe feeling and everything was clear to me. After several hours the effect went away bit by bit. I was disappointed.

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I have been in a really bad way the last year due to an illness my child has that has morphed into daily anxiety for myself. I’ve been practicing mindfulness and having more good days than bad lately. Tonight was a bad night and your article really helped me. It actually made me laugh and calmed me down.