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But we do not otherwise find Confucians recommend the avoidance of service to princes.

The Wisdom of Confucius has 119 ratings and 11 reviews.

The Wisdom of Confucius with Critical and Biographical Sketches

Review by Booklist Review Nearly all of us think we know Confucius (551
It merely identifies passages that are famous, often quoted, discussed in books about , or that I consider to be especially expressive for the principles of the thought of Confucius.

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Yet quite early we also had the  of the ,
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Family, as a matter of filial piety, , occasionally overrides what would otherwise be moral goodness, , in Confucius.
There are many priceless treasures in this section that shed light on the origins of Mankind and provide clear proofs of the origin of much of the Christian Old Testament too. and are two books that everyone should read if they wish to learn more about the creation and origins of Man, of which the Biblical account in Genesis is only one incomplete and distorted version.

Bob said: This book, “Wisdom of Confucius,” draws from the five classics (thought to be from Conf..
and by H. P. Blavatsky. Although incomplete and oddly formatted, these online copies of Blavatsky's masterworks on the age-old wisdom and occult sciences will give the reader who is unfamiliar with her books a flavour of her teachings. You can read full reviews of both these occult classics on our .

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Finally, we commend the book of poems by Matthew Sutherland, which is free to read online at this website. Aptly entitled , this slim volume of inspired verse is a mine of sublime Wisdom for all those genuinely in search of Truth. See in the sidebar for more information.

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Confucius calls it , which basically means a "carpenter's square," but then has associated meanings of a "rule, pattern, usage, custom." Thus while this is translated as "right" (which otherwise would be ) by James Legge and Arthur Waley, or the "line" by D.C.

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Thus, I have chosen to translate it "square," such as we find in "square deal," "on the square," "fair and square," or even "four square gospel." This would be conformable to the thinking of Confucius, who otherwise gives an example of knowledge as completing a square (cf.

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If that was supposed to be the sense of the passage, I would have put at the beginning of the phrase rather than the end; and Confucius certainly would have no objection to studying the past, and not just reviewing "old knowledge," although he would do that too.

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In 2016 a most unusual book was added to the website:. Published as a downloadable PDF in several installments the book was completed in early 2018. Having read it in its entirety with great enjoyment we agree with the author that it is "a strange little book." This is not surprising, for the author has drawn his inspiration from a high realm—strange indeed to those who know it not—but poignantly familiar to those who are attuned to its Heavenly Harmonies. The book takes the reader on a magical journey through the Zodiacal constellations and signs, revealing something of the wisdom which lies concealed within the starry sea upon which our little globe sails on its mysterious course. We review this book in the of our website.