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Aug 20, 1998 · Holes has 807,176 ratings and 16,696 reviews
He turns port holes in laminated rings to reveal designs that were pre-assembled, and shows different methods for inserting diamond shapes into ring segments.
Several pages are devoted to large vessel techniques.

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You wave hello to the friendly rats.Why do you flounder so easily in holes?Do you suffer from cholera of the brain?Check yes or no.
Odin's bravery is legendary, but what will be his fate?

A real page turner, guaranteed to keep its reader on the edge of their seats until the very end.

What Dogs Really Talk About
Nick da Costa
Penright Publications
B073P9ZVKT, $5.02,75 Pages

Genre: Animals

Do you ever wonder what your dog thinks, or what they talk about when they are together?

The author of this thoroughly entertaining book obviously loves dogs, and has given the subject much consideration, resulting in this hilarious, yet thought provoking book.

Every night six dogs meet under an old oak tree, and like humans, they discuss matters of great importance to them.


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I found that the advice in this one book has made me stop, reflect, and realize what I have done wrong that is preventing me from living a happy life.

Sean Azimovh has proven to me that he is an outstanding author who has the knowledge and skills to write a book that will literally change your life.

Louis Sachar's Holes is just about perfect

Or will she sink into a deep depression where food is her only friend?

THE FAT BITCH DIET is one hilarious book that I have ever had the pleasure of reading and reviewing.

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Her name is a little out of the ordinary; Cherry Lane.

A follow up to Holes; Small Steps focus centers on teenager Armpit- Theodore Johnson, an African-American previous inhabitant of Tent D at Camp Green Lake.

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As with other picture books I was reviewing at the time; the children settled down to listen to the reading of that 'little kids' storybook' preceding their verbalizing an assessment concerning the book.

During the oral reading by myself, the class, ten-year-olds became drawn into the action.

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What was Jonathan to do?

I will admit, when I received this book during my first term back in the classroom after a ten-year break, I did like the story line, still, I did not care for the artworks.

Nonetheless, I did as I always did during teaching and reviewing years, I took children's books received for review to read to my resident critics; in this case, my first fourth grade class.

why my place of employment is so rife with a-holes

Will his mastermind, a supporting President, and rock solid comrades be strong enough to prevent this travesty from occurring?

"The Secret Executive Orders" is a masterfully crafted book.