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Here’s the “line” on this chart for the session of Congress (two years) during Reagan’s last year in office:

House of Representatives Session Calendar for the 99th Congress ..

One Hundred Seventh Congress, second session on the nomination of C

At head of title: 99th Congress, 2d session. House of Representatives. Report 99-841
The Constitution states that the President will “give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient” (Article II, section 3). For the first decade of the national government Presidents appeared in person before a Joint Session of Congress to deliver their annual messages. Beginning with Thomas Jefferson in 1801, Presidents sent the Annual Message in writing to be read by House clerks and Senate secretaries respectively. In 1913, President Woodrow Wilson resurrected delivering the Annual Message in person to a Joint Session of Congress. Beginning with the 80th Congress (1949–1951) the appearance of the President to deliver the Annual Message has been termed the “State of the Union Address.”

102nd Congress, 1st Session - Current Congress Jan 1992 ..

Great and informative chart. Thanks. Shouldn’t the complete turnover of congress dates be 1995 and 2007?

Congress has hosted inaugurations since the first occasion in 1789. Inaugurations have always have been formal joint gatherings, and sometimes they also were joint sessions. Inaugurations were Joint Sessions when both houses of Congress were in session, and they processed to the ceremony as part of the business of the day. In many cases, however, one or both houses were not in session or were in recess at the time of the ceremony. In this table, inaugurations that were not Joint Sessions are listed in the second column. Those that were Joint Sessions are so identified and described in the third column.


94th and 99th session of congress - Mega Essays

Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore Addressed a Joint Session of Congress. Due to the age of the original tapes,…
The House of Representatives began the second session of the 99th Congress. Representatives expressed their views on various measures.
Note: This is an incomplete program.

104th-105th Congress Supplement VIII (1995-1998) 102nd-103rd Congress Supplement VII (1991-1994) 99th-101st Congress Supplement VI (1985-1990) 96th-98th Congress Supplement V (1979-1984) Laws Relating to the National Park Service (1916-1933) Summaries of Public Laws . 114th Congress ; 113th Congress ; 112nd Congress ; …
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